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Valston is a full-service general contracting company
dedicated to helping you construct and renovate your self-storage project from
start to finish.

We have years of experience renovating self-storage sites.

self-storage renovation & construction

Valston is a general contracting company focused on the development, design, construction and renovation of self-storage facilities. The team at Valston is constructed of experienced industry experts who are licensed and focused on providing you full-service from start to finish when it comes to bringing your self-storage construction project to life or if you are in need of self-storage renovations. We pride ourselves on the knowledge we’ve gained over the years developing, designing, constructing and renovating self-storage facility projects. Valston is a full-service general contractor committed to providing premier self-storage facilities that deliver unmatched value to owners.

At Valston, we pride ourselves on offering industry-leading solutions for all of your self-storage, single-story building solutions. Our one-story metal building unit design is flexible and secure and will solve all of your self-storage needs. The team at Valston has decades of experience in development, design & construction At Valston, we have years of experience developing, designing, building and renovating self-storage projects for clients. Our expertise enables Valston to be a trusted and valued partner from the project’s conception to completion.

Valston is efficient & accessible when it comes to the construction of your project Valston is up to date on all design standards and latest building materials. We work diligently to stay on-top as one of the premiere general contractors for the development, design and construction of self-storage facilities, commercial and
retail buildings, hotels and multi-family housing.

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